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Care in the Community

Thousands of children, who are deprived of even the basic necessities in life, require our support and above all a little care to live a dignified life. This Support can be given to them by generous contributions from caring people like you.

Serendip has been delivering a Care in the Community project in the northern and eastern provinces from our very inception. It is currently providing financial support for over 500 children via their extended families. The type of support for each family is determined via participatory evaluations conducted by Serendip’s field staff, who are themselves members of the community. Monthly cash grants are being made to assist with:

  • Rebuilding livelihoods; including the provision of seeds, tools, animal or inanimate stock and other income generating materials
  • Education support; purchasing of learning materials and uniforms
  • Healthcare support; medical assistance, counselling and the provision of medications and items such as mosquito nets
  • Food and nutritional support;
  • All in all, the grant to each child is the rupee equivalent of the £10 p/m. Each child is allocated a sponsor who receives a welcome pack. Letters and cards can be exchanged between sponsor and child throughout the lifetime of the sponsorship.

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