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Breakfast project

In rural areas of North Sri Lanka, many children under 5 years old go to school hungry having had little or no breakfast. This leaves them ill-equipped to focus on their studies and stunts their growth & development.

All the children come from a place of poverty, with many of them coming from single parent families, or parents who are on low or no income.

Around 2 years ago, Serendip Children’s Home, launched the Breakfast Project to ensure that the most vulnerable children in rural areas of North Sri Lanka, receive a breakfast each and every pre-school day.

So far, we are providing breakfast for pre-school children in 20 schools. But we hope this can be an ongoing project, and we are looking to help more vulnerable children in 20 other schools. Each preschool has between 15-35 children.

For as little as 20p per child, per day, we can make this dream a reality. This is between £500-600 annually. Unfortunately, there is no government funding for pre-schools, so the children rely solely upon donations from supporters like you. Please can you help us?

St. Sebastian’s pre-school case study

St. Sebastian’s pre-school is just one of the schools where Serendip Children’s home provides the Breakfast Project. All of the 31 young children come from low income families and many of the children walk up to 3km each morning to get to their school.

Since the Breakfast Project was launched here last year, school attendance has increased from 7 children a day, to all 31 children each day. All of the children’s weight and height has increased, and children are now participating in playground activities.

One of the pre-school teachers said “The children are like happy little
birds at school now”.

Could you help fund the Breakfast Project for a school like this?

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