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Who we are

The Serendip is a non-profit organization that will strive towards giving orphaned children of Northern & Eastern Provinces of Sri Lanka a loving and nurturing home, addressing their immediate needs of food and shelter, and their progressive needs for education, social support and eventually, work and independence.

To respect the children and adults with whom we work. Whenever practical, to work with local people and their values, rather than imposing our own. We are not a religious or political organisation; and therefore do not discuss or promote any related thoughts or practices.

The charity’s philosophy is driven by the personal views of the Board of Trustees as well as a good understanding of what is important to supporters and beneficiaries.

  • Serendip Children’s Home’s guiding principle will be to empower those around us; our children, our staff, our volunteers.
  • Serendip Children’s Home works in the interest of the children under our care.
  • The charity aims provide a home with an emphasis on the high quality of care.
  • The charity encourages the children to attain educational qualifications and financial independence.
  • The charity will deliver tailored solutions for each child that are practical, sustainable and measurable.
  • Neither the Board of Trustees nor the Executive Committee will draw fiscal rewards in remuneration of their input.