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The Elders Project

More than one thousand elderly people in the Kilinochchi District in Sri Lanka are living in poverty.

Many of these elderly people do not have access to daily food, clothing or medical supplies and will often go without. All of these elderly people are frail, vulnerable and unable to work, with many whom have become disabled throughout the civil war. Sadly, many have also lost their own children during the war. They have no one to depend on, or to care for them in their old age.  The only income that a few of them receive, is small cash donations that the government provides. But this is not enough. 

Serendip have recently launched ‘The Elders Project’ to ensure that we can provide these vulnerable elders with three meals per day, medicines and medical care, bedding, basic clothing, transport to attend medical appointments and emotional support. 

We aim to provide this support to a total of 1186 vulnerable elders across 36 villages in Karachchi and Kandavalai in the Kilinochchi District. 

The total cost per elderly person per month is just £8.

We are looking for generous contributions towards this project on an ongoing basis. Whether you are able to make a small donation or cover the full costs for one, or more elderly person, we are so grateful for all the support we receive.
For further information on a breakdown of costs for this project please contact: or call us on (0) 7799756158.

With your help, we can help make sure that these elderly people do not have to go hungry again. We can make sure they have a comfortable place to sleep. Now is the time that we must help take care of them. We cannot let them live in poverty any longer.

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