Welcome to Serendip Children's Home

In May 2009 Serendip Children's Home was established in response to the cry for help from orphaned and destitute children currently living in Sri Lanka, primarily in the Northern and Eastern Provinces including the Vanni region. Following discussion with appropriate parties, a Board of Trustees was elected in the UK and Sri Lanka. Serendip achieved its first milestone of achieving charity status in the UK by December 2009.

A fun fitness fundraiser raising money for shoes for children in SriLankaā€¯ A Serendip supporter, Shagobi, and 16 friends are Gym 'bike riding' for 10k to raise funds for children's shoes in the Wanni. Many schoolchildren walk up to 5 miles to get to school on hot and dusty tracks. This will make their lives a lot easier. You too can help reward their sacrifice by giving a donation at Just Giving

Upcoming Event: Raise the Roof for Our Little Gems (25th April)

The Pearl of the Indian ocean needs you..!

Help us raise money for Serendip Children's Home to build a preschool in Vanni, Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka has been in a 30 year civil war which came to its climatic end only a few years ago. The aftermath of this is the unfortunate impact on many civilians, their livelihood, wellbeing and simply living. Serendip Children's Home is an extraordinary charity whose overall focus is to improve quality of life of many of the children in North and Eastern province of Sri Lanka by providing them with a foundation of education, shelter, social support and much more.

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The work we provide

By January 2010 we had launched the 'Care in the Community' in 12 villages in Northern Sri Lanka. An immediate 37 children are currently supported by UK donors with hundreds more awaiting sponsors.

October 2010 brought discussions on the extension of the existing 'Care in the Community' to a number of villages in the Eastern Province of Sri Lanka.

2011 has been a busy year for us also with the launch of several Widow's Self-Reliance Projects in March and The Serendip Scholarship Scheme in June. As we head to the close of 2011 and our 3rd Annual, we are looking forward to the continued growth of these projects.

We are grateful to everyone who continues to help us and our children - Thank you!